Hi! You’ve landed on my Watts That! Photography site. I’m glad you’re here.

If you’d like a clue about what makes me tick, grab your drink of choice and let’s hang out for awhile. I bet we have at least a couple things in common.

You may ask, “Why are you a photo-writer, and why should I care?”

* Writing is a life-long pleasure. Photography appeared within the last 25 years. Eventually, it seemed only natural to combine the two. Ergo, this blog. There are nearly as many choices about what we can do with our Life as there are people in this world. I’m lucky enough to be able to choose what brings happiness to others and myself.

* Doing what we love sweetens our life, doesn’t it? Taking pictures and writing remind me of what I am about, who I want to be, and where I want to go – they are inroads to the depths of Me. What do you do that leads you to your very Center – that gets you in touch with You?

We all have something to say; we all have something to learn.

*I’m not out to save the world. But if I can raise just one person’s happiness level, then I’ve done my job.

* Why so many nature photos? Science continues to prove that all of creation on this Rock we call Home (indeed, the Universe) is inexorably linked. A research study at Stanford University in 2015 found that spending time in Nature reduces stress and mental illness. Beyond that, there is evidence that looking at nature photographs can boost our mood. So if you can’t get out for a walk today, look at some beautiful nature images and read about why a photographer thought it was awesome enough to share the connection with you.

* Connecting through art is almost as old as the earth. I like the thought that I’m part of such a long and noble tribe of creators and artists.

Images bear witness. And words can blossom into whole worlds.

 *Joined together, they are powerful.

* There is such a thing as a “constancy of impermanence.” Simply put, everything changes. We, and everything around us, are in a constant state of flux. A photographic image catches an impermanent, fleeting moment before it takes flight, holding onto it forever. I like that.

* I am a “Magic Junkie.” When I’m in The Zone, I see from within. It’s magic when it occurs, and oh, so addictive. (If you’re interested in the concept of seeing from within, check out this entertaining and thought-provoking film, entitled “InnSaei – The Power of Intuition.” I found it on Netflix.)

Above all, creating work that matters compels me.

*I’m growing less content with just taking pretty pictures.  I want my work to speak for the goodness and beauty that we all share.

. . . .

If you’ve gotten this far down the page, you’re either a glutton for long-windedness, or a creative seeker, as I am. I’d love to read your thoughts and philosophies about your own creative outlets. Move over to the “Connect” section and send me a note if you like.

I’ve enjoyed our short time together today. Thank you so much for visiting and 

I hope you return again soon. Cheers!